Referral Scheme

Here at Anglian Dog Works, we love the community around us and want to help & support as many dogs & owners as possible by extending our reach so launched some special offers that training clients can get involved with.

Our business is built off your great feedback and amazing reviews to build trust.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without you & it's nice to give back!



Here's the deals:

1. Lend a paw, get a treat!

Could we ask you to help us out and help potential clients decide about joining training by taking a moment to rate/review?


Here’s the offer:

Recommend Anglian Dog Works

Receive £5 off per post!

*voucher valid for 1 dog training booking.


How to help:

Share your experience with a testimonial on Google

Such as how you worked with me, what you learned, the result and the impact for you & your dog. 

Or, even a quick star rating on the website (links to training options below).
This sort of feedback helps me a lot

Click the training title below to be taken to the website review pages...

Course | Workshop | Private Sessions | Club

 Lend a paw, get a treat


2. Re-Fur a friend

Recommend Anglian Dog Works

when they get in touch ask them to mention you

& you will both receive a £5 off per person!

*voucher valid for 1 dog training booking.


Know a dog and their owner who would benefit from this training offer?

Please share this update with them by forwarding the blog post or a social media post so they don’t miss out.


You can use mine, or a post that you can personalise can be found by clicking here, simple drag and drop your own photo.


Here is a template you can use & adapt if you like 😊

“Anglian Dog Works, the club that I train with has got spaces open over the next few months to join. If you and your dog would like to join us and meet other like-minded handlers for a fun introduction to Agility, check out the services on the website:

mentioned my name when you book to get five pounds off!”


Any Questions? 
Do you have any questions, anything you need to know or anything I can help you with? If so, please drop me an email


Thank you,


From Anglian Dog Works