Free Place Board Training

Free Place Board Training

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Do you want to uplevel your dog’s obedience by introducing a platform to their training using a Place Board, but don’t know where to start?

You may have heard of Place Boards or seen the success other trainers are having using training platforms in their exercise but are unsure how to introduce one to your dog?

Used correctly as a training platform the Place Board can act as a target to focus dog training and improve, sit-stay, recall, retrieves, general obedience and dog sports and much more.


The T.A.R.G.E.T method

Anglian Dog Works have designed a progressive, achievable training programme that shows handlers how to teach their dogs to use a Place Board as a target, using our signature T.A.R.G.E.T method which cover in our online course and eBook


What to expect from this the free download

  • When you unlock our free Place Board Training you are getting a sneak peek behind the curtains of Anglian Dog Work’s Place Board online course and eBook

  • You are given just a couple of pages from 3 of the sections (Teach, Extend, Travel) to give you details and tips to test your dog's steadiness in our Level 10 Challenge


Like what you see & want more?

For full, lifetime access to our full guides that introduce the power of Place Boards to your training with all 6 easy to-follow steps using our signature T.A.R.G.E.T method we have two options:

First the eBook. This is a digital product, when you order, a download link will be sent via email as well as displayed on the checkout page. 

Or, if you want extra support with videos and photos there to help you understand the concepts and professional help to hand should you need it using our comment function plus bonus Place Board exercises check out the online course. Enrolees get full, lifetime access to the curriculum, which currently looks like this: 

A GIF recording of the course curriculum on 16th August 2022

But, the online course is treated as a living, breathing document, we will continue to review and, where necessary, update the content.


How to use these sections to take our Level 10 Challenge

Train for Sit-Stay Success with our Level 10 Challenge

So, you've got a dog that sits and stays BUT does it work in the real world where there are distractions? Take our challenge to find out...


What's the value of adding challenges to your training?

Whether you want your pet to sit at the curb while you wait for a gap in traffic, an agility dog to remain at the start line so you can get into position or a gundog on peg to wait for the drive to end, it’s important they don’t get up until given their released cue. Sitting and staying no matter what’s going on until released is an important life skill. Adding distractions in progressive layers challenges our dogs so that we can train and test this skill.


📖 To help those of you taking part we're giving away 3 sections from inside Anglian Dog Work’s Place Board Online Course and eBook that will give you more details and tips. So, go ahead & enrol.

💾 Secondly… save or screenshot the PDF file that outlines the 10 levels of the steadiness challenge to take with you when you go out training.

📷🎥 Take a photo or video the results and post them on Instagram and/or Facebook including the hashtag #level10challenge and the level you achieved in the challenge and tag us @Anglian Dog Works


Try it for Free!

I first saw Place Board’s demonstrated by field trial champion Ian Openshaw at the CLA Game Fair 2014 and was so impressed by the results he displayed. It inspired me to introduce them into training with my dog, a cocker spaniel who worked as a beating dog throughout the shooting season and was training and competing in dog agility in the closed season. So, I made a start, trawling the internet for tips and tricks without many results and instead ‘feeling my way through’ using intuition and trial and error.

Fast forward, I am fully accredited as a professional dog trainer by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), have been leading classes since 2019 and have niched down into training with and selling Place Boards. I have extensive first-hand experience of using place boards for dog training in classes and training our dogs and have drawn on this previous experience and knowledge to put together this guide and share with you, my expertise.


IMDT Dog Trainer

You don’t need to figure out Place Board training on your own because we’ve done the hard work for you!

We’re passionate about sharing effective training tools and techniques, we’ve tried, tested, and seen the first-hand benefits of with our own working dogs to help fellow dog owners.

And we’re so sure you’ll love it and it’ll add value, we give everyone the chance to try for free.

Good Luck! Can't wait to see your results ❤️🐾