Training Terms of Service

Anglian Dog Works Training Terms of Service

Emails from Anglian Dog Works include a link to this page, which is our Terms and Conditions. By booking any of our services, you are agreeing to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.


Non-attendance and cancellation policy

  1. In group sessions, there is a limit to the number of dogs/handlers per session. For this reason, your payment will reserve your place in the class for the duration of that course or session.
  2. In you are unable to attend any class within a course, you agree to forfeit the session/s. refunds will not be given, except in mitigating circumstances which will be at the discretion of Anglian Dog Works.
  3. Anglian Dog Works is obligated to run the class in your absence and is unable to re-allocate your place to another client. For this reason, no credit or refunds will be offered for group classes you do not attend.
  4. Cancellation of lessons by the client within 24 hours of the session occurring will be subject to payment of the full cost of the lesson.



  1. All dogs always remain the responsibility of the owner/handler.
  2. Handlers will clear up after their dogs and take poo bags away with them.
  3. Individual session will last up to 45 minutes, group session up to 60 minutes; Anglian Dog Works reserve the right to cut a lesson short if the trainer feels that’s best for the dog’s welfare such as adverse weather conditions. 
  4. No bitch in season can attend the training field; handlers may come without the dog in this circumstance.
  5. Whilst every effort is made to ensure training sessions remain safe, Anglian Dog Works cannot be held liable for any damage to property, or injury to dog, animal, or person during training.
  6. Owners/handlers are responsible for all vet bills, no matter how they are incurred.
  7. Any children under the age of 18 must be always accompanied by an adult.


Data protection

  1. We may use your contact details to contact you about your booking.
  2. We will ask you for personal information your dog to make a record of training requirements.
  3. All data is stored securely electronically with restricted access.
  4. Your details will not be passed on to any 3rd party without your permission.
  5. There may be photos taken during sessions; by agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are authorising photos of you and your dog to be taken and used for marketing purposes by Anglian Dog works and the photographer.
  6. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting: