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It’s our mission to help focus energetic dogs’ love for life by sharing effective training tools and techniques, we’ve tried, tested, and seen the first-hand benefits of with our own working dogs.



Who are Anglian Dog Works?

We’re working dog owners and know what it can be like living with a smart and energetic dog! Without an appropriate channel, their boundless energy and unmet natural instincts can come out in all sorts of problematic ways: running, chasing, playing, hunting and lack of hearing when they’re busy doing something ‘important’ to name a few!

We started Anglian Dog Works because we wanted to help owners of energetic dogs work through their training struggles, and achieve the dog-owning life they envisioned; we do this by providing stimulation and structure through sharing our tried and tested training methods and tools with fellow dog owners.


How we can help, and what makes us different?

We approach the business with experience and qualifications gained through handling our own dogs and offering professional dog training services, only offering products and programmes that we have seen the benefits of first-hand.

We are a small family orientated business offering a personal service and find it hugely fulfilling to be in the position to add value to those that join our community by offering ongoing help and support to our customers on their dog training journey.

We do all this while minimising environmental impact and having a sustainable business. We aspire for Anglian Dog Works to be your go-to one-stop-shop for eco-friendly dog training equipment by being environmentally focused and conscious when choosing and manufacturing products (new products launching all the time!) to help reduce your carbon pawprint.


Emma and Matt, Anglian Dog Works 
Est. 2020 
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Meet the team 



Matt is a research scientist with a focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable chemical synthesis, currently studying for his PhD. This gives him a special appreciation for the eco-conscious products we produce and promote. Matt's passion for the outdoors is shared with his sidekick of 9 years Sully, a recently retired sheepdog, who spends his time tracking squirrels and protecting his home from the postman.



Dog Trainer

Emma is  fully accredited as a professional dog trainer by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), so you can be assured her methods are up to date, force free, ethical and effective. She has led dog classes and one to one sessions since 2019, taking a modern, science based approach to training.

She has gained extensive experience teaching through designing and delivering lessons and lectures since 2017. She has achieved a Level 3 in Education & Training, and is working towards her Level 4, so has both the experience and qualifications to support owners to train their dogs. 

Emma shares her life with a working cocker spaniel, Thea, who is worked as a beating dog throughout the shooting season; they choose to spend the closed season training and competing in dog agility.

Emma’s love of working with dogs and enthusiasm about dog training, paired with a professional background in Education and Training means she is skilled at teaching handlers to train their dog’s using a clear and friendly approach.


An image of Emma's IMDT e certificate (distinction)




Working Cocker Spaniel (Product Tester).


Thea, Anglian Dog Works jumping in agility


Retired Sheepdog (Product Tester).

 Photo: Anglian Dog Works' Sully, sheepdog


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