Labrador on Place Board for steadiness on retrieve
Spaniel doing dog agility
A picture of a spaniel gundog retrieve training with a place board

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Professional Dog Training and Equipment

Tried and Tested Training Tools and Techniques for Energetic Dogs and their Owners.


Who We Are

We’re working dog owners and know what it can be like living with a smart and energetic dog! Without an appropriate channel, their boundless energy and unmet natural instincts can come out in all sorts of problematic ways: running, chasing, playing, hunting and lack of hearing when they’re busy doing something ‘important’ to name a few!

Our qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable team provide Dog Training and Equipment from our base near Cambridge in East Anglia. Our passion is providing stimulation and structure by sharing our tried and tested training methods and tools with fellow dog owners so that they can enjoy spending time with a happy and satisfied dog.


What We Do

At Anglian Dog Works, there are two sides to the coin: professional dog training services & dog training equipment.

We offer general dog training and agility from our two sites in Balsham and Barton.

This includes helping owners online plus from Cambridge, Saffron Walden, Haverhill and Newmarket. 

We have also picked a selection of dog training supplies including natural treats and environmentally conscious canine products. These are all carefully chosen to complement your training. All of these products are available in our store.


Training with Anglian Dog Works

We often meet owners of dogs with bundles of energy and bounce who would love to give training and agility a go. Joining one of our sessions near Cambridge shows owners with dogs of all ages, how training and agility gives pets a job and keeps them active, thinking, and busy!

Dog Agility Training

Looking for something fun to do together regularly to keep your dogs physically and mentally stimulated?

Introducing your dogs to Dog Agility will keep their brain ticking and focus their love for life.

The sport requires partnerships to communicate and focus on achieving the same goal, which is completing a sequence of obstacles without faults.

Learn the foundation skills one to one, or in a group course then progress onto Agility Club.


Individually Tailored 121 Training

Receive 121 support and tailored advice to overcome any struggles and focus on your training goals which can be anything from: Agility & Tracking

Puppy training a well-mannered and confident pet.

Adult Dog Training Recall, Loose Lead Walking and Heelwork, Agility, Tracking and more…

Pet Gundog Training Focus, Impulse Control, Place Board Training, Whistle Skills, Hunting and Retrieving.


Members Training

Throughout the year we host workshops and events to offer progression for the members of our training group and cultivate the community we are proud to have created.

These sessions develop skills around a focus topic by sharing fun reward-based games and training exercises.

Training can include Pet Gundog Training, Agility and Tracking; Loose Lead, Heelwork & Recall.

Exclusively for dogs/handlers that have completed a course or demonstrated that level of ability one-to-one. Shared in the monthly email newsletter and on Facebook.


Supercharge your training with our best-seller

Looking for a training aid to help improve recall, sit-stay, retrieves,
and much more? Level up with a Place Board!

Adding a training platform to your tool kit you’ll see a dog that is
excited, motivated, and eager to learn increasingly complex drills.
Truly a gamechanger; making it easy to own a well-trained working dog.

Don't just take our word for it, check out what our
customers in the UK and overseas say in their reviews


Place Board For Sale. Eco Friendly Gundog Training Equipment
A selection of the pure meat pate for sale, great for using as a high value treat

Equipment, Treats & Chews

We have hand-picked a selection of dog training supplies that we love and use with our own working dogs and know will complement your training to be available instore. As a business, we make every effort to minimize our environmental impact, so are environmentally conscious when choosing our products.


What do our clients think?

We started Anglian Dog Works because we wanted to help owners of energetic dogs work through their training struggles, and achieve the dog-owning life they envisioned; we do this by providing stimulation and structure through sharing our tried and tested training methods and tools with fellow dog owners.

We are a small family orientated business offering a personal service and find it hugely
fulfilling to be in the position to add value to those that join our community by offering ongoing help and support to our customers on their dog training journey.

Here are just some of the testimonials we have received.