Welcome Pack

Hello & Welcome 👋

Ahead of sessions, I like to invite new handlers to head over to our private Facebook group introductory post to welcome those of you joining us! 

Share a photo of your dog and tell your classmates a little bit about you both.

(The Training Team & I love to see them too!)

Here is the link to join the Pack:

Join our other training members in our Private Facebook Group for Anglian Dog Works for dog talk, discussion on training and sharing success in the form of stories, photos and videos. Posts are only visible to other members of the group.

We will also be using this group to share any photos taken during sessions and would love for you to share any you take in there too!



  • Please keep dogs on standard-length leads at all times unless it's their turn on the equipment.
  • There is nowhere to dispose of poo bags so please take them home with you.
  • Do not let dogs wee against equipment or throw treats into the tunnel as it can be very distracting for the dogs that use it next.
  • If the dogs and handlers are happy to be approached, feel free to do friendly meet and greets by ensuring that dogs meet nose to nose, or nose to butt (no dogs leering over one another). Allow them to say hello for a few seconds then call them back to you for a fuss and reward. This keeps you as their favourite and avoids dogs getting hooked on play and getting frustrated or struggling to focus when they can't go to see other dogs during training.
  • We only have access to facilities at Balsham when running special events.


Did you know dogs wearing yellow need space?

It could be because they're anxious, reactive, in training, or recovering from an injury.
Please respect the space of dogs in yellow, owners, you might need to step in to reinforce this.
Assume ALL dogs, whether wearing yellow, or not, need space until told otherwise by their handler. 
Anglian Dog Works Thea wears yellow because she has arthritis and it hurts if dogs bump her when trying to play.
Giving her space keeps her pain and anxiety-free so we can both enjoy our walks 💛

Training kit to bring:

  • Collar or harness
  • Fixed length lead with a soft loop handle
  • Treat Pouch
  • At least two handfuls of high-value food rewards cut into ‘pea-sized’ pieces (chicken/sausage/cheese/pate work best)

Depending on how close the session is to your dog's usual mealtime and how food-motivated your dog is, I would suggest, feeding your dog a half portion, and using some of their food allowance in your training session.

  • If your dog cannot be recalled reliably when off lead so will need to work with a lead on, please consider a "grab tab/traffic lead". These short training leads hand 30cm under your dog's collar or harness and can be grabbed if your dog makes a break for it, but don't get in the way or caught over obstacles risking injury like a regular length lead. Cutting an old lead can work just as well as an off-the-shelf one like the example below:
  • A crate, mat or even a ground steak can be great if your dog may need space or some downtime in a group setting.
  • Items such as toys and long lines will be available to borrow should you need them, however, if you would like to bring your own, please do. I'd suggest two toys that you can both get involved with, not something possessive like a ball. They will need to be non-squeak if used in a group class.

Please note: Anglian Dog Works discourage the use of extendable leads as they can cause injury and slip leads, figure-of-8 leads or head-harnesses because they are not in line with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Code of Ethics, the professional body we're a member of.




Anglian Dog Works, Dotterell Hall Farm, Cambridge Road, Balsham, CB214AQ

As with many rural areas, the address for the farm isn’t accurate enough to the specify precise location. 

Click the icons in interactive map below for step-by-step instructions up to the field from the gateway, or screenshot the directions underneath to refer back to.

You can use the ‘What3Words’ App or Website which gives a unique combination of three words to help you find and navigate to the 3 metre square by the entrance gate instead. Search ///hiding.massing.hazelnuts, click 'Navigate' & the programme you use for your Satnav; it’ll be set up with the destination pre-populated as the gateway location.


directions to field


Positive Paws, Foxcote Farm, Comberton Road, Barton, Cambridge, CB23 7BA