Keeping dogs cool this summer

Keeping dogs cool this summer

Summer essentials

To keep your dogs safe and comfortable before, during and after exercise, I have included a list of bits and bobs I would encourage you to consider, along with links:

Class times may be rescheduled to avoid peak temperatures in the middle of the day. (See 'hot weather' here: for more details.)

Travelling to class:

  • Access to fresh water in a non-spill bowl
  • Cool coat (I have linked to the updated Hurtta one Thea wears)
  • Cool mat or a wet towel.
  • A frozen water bottle
  • An electric crate fan because the air circulation in the rear of the car is often poorer, even more cooling with a frozen bottle in front. 

During Class:

  • Bring your own fresh water for you and your dog (I use this bottle/bowl combo with Thea)
  • Consider using the taps to hose them down beforehand, the evaporating water will have a cooling effect.
  • Cool mat or a wet towel to rest on in between goes.
  • A travel crate or umbrella covered in Aluminet for shade.
  • Cool coat to wear in between goes only (I have linked to the updated Hurtta one Thea wears). Wearing one during exercise could cause them to overheat. They must continually be wetted, if they dry out, it'd be like they were just wearing a coat! 

After Class

  • A frozen treat such as a lolly made from hydrating frozen bone broth, a chew as the stick, and some rewards inside the ice would appreciated by most warm dogs. 



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