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  • Online Course: A Guide to Place Board Training


    Want to do Place Board training but don’t know where to start?

    You may have heard of Place Boards or seen the success other trainers are having using training platforms in their exercise but are unsure how to introduce one to your dog?

    I understand! I first saw Place Board’s demonstrated by field trial champion Ian Openshaw at the CLA Game Fair 2014 and was so impressed by the results he displayed. It inspired me to introduce them into training my dog, a cocker spaniel who is worked as a beating dog throughout the shooting season and was training and competing in dog agility in the closed season. So I made a start, trawling the internet for tips and tricks without many results and instead ‘feeling my way through’ using intuition and trial and error.

    Fast forward, I am fully accredited as a professional dog trainer by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), have been leading classes since 2019 and have niched down into training with and selling Place Boards. I have extensive first-hand experience of using place boards for dog training in classes and training our dogs and have drawn on this previous experience and knowledge to put together this guide and share with you, my expertise.


    The T.A.R.G.E.T method

    Anglian Dog Works have designed a progressive, achievable training programme that shows handlers how to teach their dogs to use a Place Board as a target, using our signature T.A.R.G.E.T method which we will cover in this course.

    In the online course, you will find the method of training a dog to use a Place Board broken down into a simple, step-by-step, guide so that you can become a Place Board Pro in 6 easy steps!


    How it works

    • The online course features clear and easy to follow lessons.
    • Videos and photos are there to help you understand the concepts.
    • Checkpoints are in place to make sure you progress at the rate right for you and your dog.
    • Professional help is always to hand should you need it using our comment function
    • The guide is treated as a living, breathing document with new content being added all the time.


    Finally see rock-solid steadiness, reliable recalls and retrieving to hand

    When you introduce a Place Board correctly, your training will form foundations so strong the target becomes like a magnet for the dog making it an incredibly powerful training tool. You’ll see a dog that is excited, motivated, and eager to learn increasingly complex drills. Truly a gamechanger; making it easy to own a well-trained working dog.


    Try it for Free!

    You don’t need to figure out Place Board training on your own because we’ve done the hard work for you!

    We’re passionate about sharing effective training tools and techniques, we’ve tried, tested, and seen the first-hand benefits of with our own working dogs to help fellow dog owners.

    And we’re so sure you’ll love it and it’ll add value, we give everyone the chance to try for free.


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  • Where is training located?
  • Training is held in the countryside near Balsham, ten miles from Cambridge and easily accessible from the A11.

    Our outdoor training centre benefits from over an acre of private grassland with access to a toilet.

    The full address and directions to the training field are sent out with booking confirmation emails.


    Photo: At the top of Anglian Dog Works Training Ground for Dog training near Cambridge



    Photo: Bottom training field at Anglian Dog Works Training Ground for Dog training near Cambridge
    A PICTURE OF THE BOTTOM TRAINING FIELD: This rural and safe location is semi-enclosed, but neither area is completely secure.
  • Do we train in all weather?
  • Yes, we do train in all weather.
    In the event that the Met Office releases a weather warning, it will be reviewed if conditions are safe enough to train in.

    In warmer weather, PetPlans guidance will be referred to in reviewing if conditions are safe enough to train in with precautions. Click here to read Anglian Dog Works advice for keeping cool in class. 

    If conditions are deemed unsafe by your trainer we may hold a remote session using Zoom instead of an in-person meeting. 
  • Re-fur a friend
  • Recommend Anglian Dog Works to a friend and when they get in touch ask them to mention you and you will both receive £5 off training or in the shop
    Lend a Paw and get a treat! 
  • Can I bring someone to watch?
  • Yes, spectators are more than welcome. 

    What we recommend is that you decide who will be handling your dog and stick to that person doing the training for the duration of the session to save any confusion for your dog.

    Any children under the age of 18 must be always accompanied by an adult.

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