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  • Agility provides dogs with a stimulating mental and physical challenge

    Meet other dogs and like-minded handers for a fun introduction to agility

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    Dog with bundles of unchanneled energy and bounce?

    We’re working dog owners and know what it can be like living with a smart and energetic dog! Without an appropriate channel, their boundless energy and unmet natural instincts can come out in all sorts of problematic ways: running, chasing, playing, hunting and lack of hearing when they’re busy doing something ‘important’ to name a few!

    Maybe you’ve enjoyed agility equipment in local dog fields or brought some kit for home and would like to have us guide you on how to give agility a go?


    Agility is a wonderful activity for dogs who love to be busy.

    Workshops are an accessible way to give agility a go. Suitable for all ages, breeds, and experience levels.

    Introducing your dogs to this new challenge will keep their brain ticking and focus their love for life.


    What to expect

    • When you book, you can expect welcome emails with all the details you need before the day. Here at Anglian Dog Works, we love the community around us and would love for you to connect so you will be invited to join our private Facebook Group where we add introductory posts and will share any photos/videos from the sessions.
    • Come along to our venue in Balsham near Cambridge and have an overview of some exercises covered in the agility courses. The session will be in two halves and cover activities such as an introduction to the tunnel and jump training with a tea & coffee break in the dog-friendly yurt roughly halfway through.
    • We love hosting the workshops and they are a lot of fun for all involved; they can also be a good way to see if joining one of our courses would be the right fit so you will get clear follow up outlining options with Anglian Dog Works if you do decide you’d like to keep going with your agility training.


    A satisfied dog is truly a pleasure to spend time with

    You will take home a happy and satisfied dog after having tried something new because agility provides an outlet for their energy through mental and physical stimulation.

    We love to share our beautiful farm venue with new groups, sessions are a lot of fun and it’s always nice for you guys to meet other dogs and like-minded handers too.


    All ages, breeds, and experience levels are welcome

    All ages and breeds of dogs who have had their vaccinations and are 4 months and onward are welcome.

    Activities can be adjusted to be and therefore suitable for puppy agility foundation training as well as an activity to do with older dogs. READ MORE


    The workshops are suited for all experience levels, even if you have done little or no training before.

    The friendly professional team will be there to offer support and guidance should you need it, as well as throw in challenges for those that want one!

    Handlers don't worry that you will have to do lots of running! In our agility training, we progress in layers and will only be doing short sequences in the workshops; if you and your dog’s continue agility the aim will be to advance their skill by building independence, so they work at a distance from you responding to your cues (giving you a head start!).


    As group sessions have a limited number of spaces, if you want to book, please click the button below to reserve your place in the class.

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  • Where is training located?
  • Training is held in the countryside near Balsham, ten miles from Cambridge and easily accessible from the A11.

    Our outdoor training centre benefits from over an acre of private grassland with access to a toilet.

    The full address and directions to the training field are sent out with booking confirmation emails.


    Photo: At the top of Anglian Dog Works Training Ground for Dog training near Cambridge



    Photo: Bottom training field at Anglian Dog Works Training Ground for Dog training near Cambridge
    A PICTURE OF THE BOTTOM TRAINING FIELD: This rural and safe location is semi-enclosed, but neither area is completely secure.
  • Do we train in all weather?
  • Yes, we do train in all weather.
    In the event that the Met Office releases a weather warning, it will be reviewed if conditions are safe enough to train in.

    In warmer weather, PetPlans guidance will be referred to in reviewing if conditions are safe enough to train in with precautions. Click here to read Anglian Dog Works advice for keeping cool in class. 

    If conditions are deemed unsafe by your trainer we may hold a remote session using Zoom instead of an in-person meeting. 
  • Re-fur a friend
  • Recommend Anglian Dog Works to a friend and when they get in touch ask them to mention you and you will both receive £5 off training or in the shop
    Lend a Paw and get a treat! 
  • Can I bring someone to watch?
  • Yes, spectators are more than welcome. 

    What we recommend is that you decide who will be handling your dog and stick to that person doing the training for the duration of the session to save any confusion for your dog.

    Any children under the age of 18 must be always accompanied by an adult.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Amanda Monks
    Great fun for all

    It was great to come along and see how our little border terrier would perform - turns out he loved it - thank you

    We have a lot of fun, and love hosting these session so are really pleased to hear you all enjoyed it too! Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback, hope to see you again in the future.

    Carrie Cooksley
    Great workshop!

    We took our 11 month old Border collie Bandit and he loved it! Equally we really enjoyed it too! Emma and her team were great, really patient and very helpful with lots of tips. We can’t wait to start in the new year! We loved his action shot over the jumps!

    Thank you for having us!

    Me and the team love hosting the agility events so it's rewarding to hear you all enjoyed it! Look forward to seeing Bandit progress on his agility training journey with us.

    Marcia Aislabie
    Great intro to Agility

    Having never done any agility training before with my dog Buzz, this taster session was great to see how he would take to it before committing to a course.

    Emma and her team were very welcoming, friendly and informative of putting us on track of what is required to stimulate Buzz

    Will definitely be looking to start a course with him shortly 🐾🐾

    Thanks ADW 👍