Dog Agility Foundations Course

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  •  Courses give your energetic dog a job and keep them active, thinking, and busy! 

    Spend an hour a week with your dog mastering agility, improving obedience, and strengthening your bond.

    2023 courses are now fully booked and we are operating a waiting list for group sessions; if you would like to express your interest please do get in touch using the contact form outlining your availability. An introduction to Agility can also be arranged on a 121 basis, see 'Private Training Sessions'.

    Course places in January 2024 are live on the booking system.


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    Emma is  fully accredited as a professional dog trainer by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)

    Dog with bundles of unchanneled energy and bounce?

    We’re working dog owners and know what it can be like living with a smart and energetic dog! Without an appropriate channel, their boundless energy and unmet natural instincts can come out in all sorts of problematic ways: running, chasing, playing, hunting and lack of hearing when they’re busy doing something ‘important’ to name a few!

    Maybe you’re looking for something fun to do together regularly to keep your dogs physically and mentally stimulated?


    Agility helps dogs and owners enjoy an active life together

    You may know your dog loves to jump, but do you have the brakes and steering?

    Courses will give you a great insight into the dog sport agility and help master the basics skills to not only tackle obstacles but also navigate courses.

    Introducing your dogs to this new challenge will keep their brain ticking and focus their love for life.


    How they work

    The training package includes 5 sessions: a 4-week course of 60-minute Group Classes + 1 x Private Training Session.

    • When you book, you can expect welcome emails with all the details you need before the day. 
    • Your initial confirmation email will include a coupon code you can redeem on the Anglian Dog Works’ online booking system to book the 121 at no additional cost or redeem for an Agility Club Class after graduating.
    • You will meet each week with the Training Team and 3 other like-minded handlers to learn new agility skills by being guided through steps of progressive exercises.
    • For example, teaching dogs to sit-stay at the start line & confidently run straight and curved tunnels. Learning to take jumps in a line and ‘fans’ without ducking under or swerving around the outside. Turn left and right when given a directional cue. Run independently down a line of jumps and improve recall. Plus, teaching you agility handling moves such as ‘front crosses’ and 'go rounds'.

    • Each week of the course has a theme, so if you miss a session of your block, you won't find yourself behind the rest of the group when you return.

    • You can find more details on the course syllabus by searching 'Week 1... 2... or 3' in the search bar of the website; in Week 4 we run an Agility Club Course as a taster of what the follow-on Agility Club training is like.
    • The 121 included in your package can be used to focus on your training goals: anything from general obedience and puppy training, to agility, gundog work or content from the classes. 


      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“…Each session is very well organized, with exercises clearly explained and the emphasis is on your dog enjoying it all! We are learning so much…” Debbie, Course Attendee
      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“…We really really enjoyed it and the thought and planning you put into sessions makes it run like clockwork - which is important for an enthusiastic dog…” Mitch, Course Attendee


    • After training, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to train your dog. You will receive clear instructions and the steps on how to continue your independent practice for dog agility training, at home, between classes.
    • When you complete the block of classes you will be invited to Agility Club sessions, exclusively for course graduates and those that come to agility 121s. These pay-as-you-go 1-hour group classes are tailored to the individuals who sign up and are designed to help our experienced dogs continue to progress.


    All ages, breeds, and experience levels are welcome

    All breeds of dogs who have had their vaccinations and are 6 months and onward are welcome.

    Activities can be adjusted to be lower impact and therefore suitable for puppy agility foundation training as well as an activity to do with older dogs. READ MORE

    The courses are suited for all experience levels, even if you have had little or no training.

    Dogs must be suited to working in a group setting, off lead or on a long line, usually one at a time, and not ever shown aggression or bitten a person/another animal. 

    The friendly professional team will be there to offer support and guidance should you need it, as well as throw in challenges for those that want one!

    Handlers don't worry that you will have to do lots of running to start with! In our agility training, we progress in layers and will only be doing short sequences to start with and progressively advance your dogs’ skill and confidence by building independence, so they work at a distance from you responding to your cues (giving you a head start!).


    Want to join us?

    You can check availability and book online by selecting one of the options below.

    Note: If you see the message "No appointments are available this month" on the booking page, this is because courses are fully booked; please use the contact form to get in touch and let me know you're interested as I have a waiting list you can be added to & I will message you if there are any cancellations or dates added.

  • Can I bring someone to watch?
  • Yes, spectators are more than welcome. 

    What we recommend is that you decide who will be handling your dog and stick to that person doing the training for the duration of the session to save any confusion for your dog.

    Any children under the age of 18 must be always accompanied by an adult.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Pawsitively Delightful

    Lots of fun, every week my dog's tail started going when she realised where we were. Both of us learnt lots of new skills and we ended up completing a reasonably long agility course after a short amount of time! Each week brought something different but built on previous skills - this approach kept us both engaged and eager to return!

    Jane Ross
    Fantastic training, and really good fun. Your dog will thank you!

    Emma's trains with empathy and enthusiasm, effortlessly responding to each dog's needs and ability. I was amazed that after a couple of sessions my very bouncy and energetic lurcher was able to follow hand commands and complete a short course without disappearing over the horizon. We are both learning focus and navigation and it is super-fun that we are doing this as a pair. It can only help build the relationship between me and my dog. There is a really supportive vibe in the classes with everyone cheering each other on enthusiastically.

    Emma is a superb teacher giving help and guidance tailored to each pair. Her calm approach and cheerful acceptance of some wild puppy behaviour was so encouraging. Instead of feeling embarrassed or disheartened, I was motivated to try again and succeed.

    Be warned, if you try the taster course you'll want to do more! We can't wait to carry on. Thank you, Emma.

    Couldn't recommend more!!

    My dog absolutely loves his agility classes and Emma. Excellent introduction to agility! Each session is well thought, each exercise is adapted for each dog (for example for younger dogs lower jump etc), and a lot of fun for dogs and their humans. On top of that Emma is a fantastic trainer not only with the dog but also the handler. Couldn't recommend doing agility with Emma more!

    Charlotte S-B
    Absolutely PAWtastic Agility sessions!

    I've attended the beginners agility course with two of my own doggos, a working cocker and a cockapoo - both completely different in every way, especially speed and handling techniques, but both absolutely loved the course with Emma, her little hints and tips have been invaluable and we continue to enjoy and thrive in the agility club too! Highly recommended 🐾

    Great introduction!

    I did an agility taster session with my Springador Holly and we really enjoyed it. It was a great way to see if agility was something we both wanted to pursue, which it now is! Emma was a patient, thoughtful trainer who adapted exercises easily for each dog, enabling us to all achieve something from the session. Thank you