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  • Trainer approved natural treats box 

    We all want to raise healthy and happy canine companions.

    These boxes are filled with natural treats chosen that support joints and general well-being, aid training, plus a range of proteins for gut health.

    No additives, preservatives, grain-free and gluten-free.

    There are 30 items in each box so you can let your dog pick a daily treat all month!

    What do you think your dog would go for first?


    Contents include:

    • Slice ‘n’ Dice Fish flavour Pure Paté

    • Puffed Porky Snout

    • Fish Skin twist

    • Rabbit ear chews with hair

    • Spaghetti (Dried Pigs Intestine)

    • Sprats


    Great as a daily treat! Key benefits:

    Feeding 1 or more oily fish a day, two or three times a week can unlock incredible health benefits for your dog1

    🐟 Natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids These essential fatty acids also play a big role in promoting healthy skin

    🐟Oily fish contains CoQ10. This is a powerful molecule with antioxidant properties, protecting cells and potentially extending both health span and lifespan.

    🐟 Supply minerals, including selenium. Selenium is vital for thyroid health, and helpful in neutralizing free radicals and protecting the organs from damage.

    🐟Rich source of vitamins, such as vitamin B-12 which supports healthy methylation, nerve function and detoxification PLUS vitamin D, which is vital for our dogs’ overall health and must be consumed in the diet, as dogs can’t make vitamin D from sunlight.

    🐰 Fur is a great source of manganese that supports collagen formation which strengthens your dog's cartilage, tendons and ligaments at any age

    🐰 Fur can also help cleanse your dog’s intestinal tract and is thought to aid in natural de-worming

    💚Plastic Free Packaging 


    Slice ‘n’ Dice Fish flavour Pure Paté: The sausages' texture is similar to a firm ‘paté which means it can be cut into cubes to be used as a training treat, stuffed in an enrichment toy or sprinkled on top of raw or dry food.

    Note from Trainer:

    "This training treat is tempting and highly motivating for all the dogs I've worked with. I like that it can be easily cut into pea-sized pieces and the light colour contrasts well when the treat placement is onto the grass." Emma, Anglian Dog Works



    Rodney Habib & Dr Karen Shaw Becker with Khristin Loberg. (2021). The Forever Dog.Harper Collins Publishers.


    Please note: these are natural products, and as such, may vary in size, shape and colour from the photos.


    Feeding advice

    Please ensure a bowl of fresh water is always available.

     Supervise your dog at all times while they’re enjoying treats.


    Storage advice 

    Store in cool, dry conditions.


    Natural Treats & Chews


    Analytical Constituents:

    Slice ‘n’ Dice Fish flavour Pure Paté

    38% Mackerel, 27% Herring, 25% Salmon, 8% Rice, 1% Seaweed, 1% vitamins and minerals

    Crude protein 16.1%, Crude oils and fats 18.4%, Crude ash 2.9%, Crude fibre 0.8%, Moisture 61.8%

    Puffed Porky Snouts 


    100% Pig Snouts.

    Crude protein 69% Crude Fat 1.5% Moisture 7.2% Ash 2%.

    Fish Skin twists 


    100% Fresh Fish


    Moisture: 7.13%, Fat: 2.56%, Crude Protein: 87.8%, Ash: 11.7%, Crude Fibre: 1.0%

    Rabbit ear chew with hair


    100% Rabbit Skin with fur


    Crude protein 46.8%, crude fat 21.5%, moisture 7%, ash 1.02%, crude fibre 0.6%. 

    Spaghetti (Dried Pigs Intestine)


     100% Pork

    Crude Protein 55.0%, Crude Fat 31.2%, Moisture 8.9%, Crude Ash 3.8%, Crude Fibre 1.1%



    100% Natural small fish


    Protein: 44 %, Fat: 26.7 %, Omega-3 fatty acids 5.6 %, Moisture 8.1 %, Ash 7.2 %




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