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    Looking for a training aid to refine your obedience, protection or dog sport training? Level up with our Position Box* & Place Board** combo! 

    Sharpen up obedience positions

    A dog that takes a step back or forward before changing position (called forging in competitive obedience) or rests on their hip when laying down, not only does not look as ‘sharp’ in German style, working trial training or protection sports, but in a competition risks losing their handler valuable points.


    Position Boxes to shape clean, precise movements

    Using the box as a tool in your training session, you can practice achieving the gold standard for getting into the heel, finish, and front sit position plus position changes such as sit, stand & down. Useful in obedience and Schutzhund training (currently known competitively as IGP and previously as IPO).


    How a position box can benefit your score

    • When introducing the box to your dog you guide them in, they feel the front lip and that’s where you stop and reward.

    • Having the lip at the front conditions your dog to change position but not take a step back or forward.

    • In position changes such as from a sit to down to stand the aim is for your dog to keep their front legs stationary, the open back end facilitates this by only allowing your dog’s back end to move

    • The box is designed with narrow sides, which prevent your dog from resting on their hip

    • Approaching from all angles you can teach your dog to get into position: heel, finish, front sit

    • 2 in 1 flip over to use as a platform, useful if you want the dog to target the position with drive and not decelerate due to the sides.



    • 18mm Marine Ply removes the possibility of flexing (indoor & outdoor use)
    • Standard 20cm H x 30.0-31.6cm W x 80cm L (Please note: some product pictures show a wider 40cm variation).
    • 8-9 kg with carry handles as standard
    • Non-slip recycled black rubber top and bottom (Please note: some listing shows the previous blue rubber chip used, this has been discontinued.)
    • Traditional Professional joinery techniques used for superior strength in construction and durability/stability in use.
    • The only dual purpose Position Box on the market.
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      These boxes have long been popular with competitive trainers but work for any dog handler who wants to achieve sharper and cleaner obedience.

      *Position boxes are also known as Position boxes, dog training boxes, shaping boxes or obedience boxes.

      **Place boards are also known as Place boards, training platforms, or dog platforms.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Kelly S.
      Position Box- Excellent Choice!

      I could not be more happy with my position box. It’s beautifully crafted and turned out to be even better than I expected. I ordered from another country and the shipping was fast and the item was perfectly secured. Customer service, Emma in particular, was fantastic to work with in getting my logo perfected. I highly recommend this business and their products!

      Position Box

      Dog breed- GSD and Dobermann.
      Position box is great quality. Solid and well made. Exactly what I wanted.

      Kayleigh Essex
      Fantastic Product

      This is my second order with Anglian Dog Works and the quality and service remains excellent. Matt & Emma continuously go above and beyond. Product is well built and convenient with beautiful craftsmanship. Works well for both my Border Collie & German Shepherd who can be a little rough with equipment. Would recommend to absolutely anyone! :)

      Highly recommend the quality of this product

      Highly recommend this product based on quality of product & the quick delivery. Great communication sad they could only offer one or the two purchased but communicated straight away & refunded. Hoping they come back in stock soon

      Great quality!

      This position box is very well made! It shipped quickly and arrived well packaged. We’ve been using it for a few weeks now, being able to flip it over and use either side is very helpful and convenient. Great purchase!