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  • Training “heel” in dog obedience can come with challenges, and in competition, minor errors all add up to lost marks.


    A pivot box two paw target for correct heel position, focus and rear-end awareness.

    How a pivot box is used in dog training and its benefits:


    • A pivot box, also known as a pivot platform or pivot disc, is a valuable training tool that you can use beside you to show your dog the correct position is at your side with their shoulder lined up with your hips, to pivot as you turn or 360° independently or perform movements such as ‘sit pretty’.
    • The square shape allows the handler to do a neat 90-degree turn; teaching the dog to pivot on the box to move with you as you turn in a clockwise/counterclockwise position teaches your dog rear-end awareness and balance.



    • Introducing a pivot box by using positive reinforcement when your dog steps onto the platform and gradually increasing the difficulty by asking for more precise movements and positions, trainers can encourage enhanced precision and focus because it will become a high-value tool that the dog will be excited and motivated to interact with.
    • Training with a pivot box encourages dogs to pay attention to their handler’s cues and maintain focus on the task at hand. It helps refine their ability to follow instructions and perform precise movements.


    Rear-end awareness

    • Dogs have to shift weight, adjust their position, and follow subtle cues from the handler to maintain balance and execute precise movements which can improve the dog's body awareness and coordination.


    Introducing a pivot box adds variety to training sessions, making them more engaging and mentally stimulating for the dog. It can break up repetitive exercises and provide a fun and interactive training experience.



    33.6cm L x 33.6cm W x 10cm H

    Birch ply sides

    Phenolic ply top

    Pocket hole construction


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    Customer Reviews

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    John Pell
    Pivot Box

    Exactly what I needed to work with my Barney. Great price and very quick delivery

    Ben Harris
    Pivot box

    Lovely sturdy box and the customisation of my dogs name branded onto the wood is a brilliant touch. Well worth the money.