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  • Want help with dog training goals?

    Maybe your dog pulls like a sledge dog or doesn't come when they're called, and you'd like my help to work on their obedience & enjoy stress-free walks together?

    You can tap into my knowledge and expertise in one-to-one sessions (or shared with a friend) that help owners of energetic dogs work through their dog training struggles by receiving support and tailored advice from a professional trainer accredited by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).


    Personalised Plan 

    My private training sessions focus on your training goals through fun reward-based games and exercises taking into consideration your lifestyle, requirements and breed's needs.

     In general, we cover topics including: 

    • Building focus, connection and impulse control.

    • Key skills such as walking nicely on a lead, recall and whistle training.

    • I also have specialist knowledge of introducing Dog Sports such as Agility, Pet Gundog Training and tracking that provide an appropriate channel for their energy and instincts by offering mental and physical stimulation.


    How Individual Training Sessions Work

     Step 1: Initial Consultation  Step 2: Regular Sessions

     First, unless we have met before, you book an initial consultation. 
    The onboarding form asks a few more questions so that I can gather some information, to make a plan of how I can best help you before we meet in person.

    Book Now

    Working with me on an individual basis, you can expect to meet regularly for in-person sessions focusing on your goals and progress at your own pace. Taking a clear and friendly approach, I give you a plan to get you from "A to B" in simple progressive layers with plenty to practice in between and am on hand to answer any questions should you need it. 

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    Anglian Dog Works has two venues to choose from:

    • The Farm at Balsham is located just off the A11, 7 miles from Cambridge, 10 miles from Newmarket, 12 miles from Saffron Walden, 25 miles from Bury St Edmunds. 
    • The enclosed Paddock at Barton is in partnership with Positive Paws Dog Training located near  Foxcotte Farm, Comberton Road.


    FAQ: Why be supported by an individually tailored 121 instead of a course? 

    When you enrol on traditional courses you are committing to a fixed block of classes and will be limited by a generalised programme; in contrast 121s fit around you, your schedule, and individual requirements.

    I often meet owners, particularly those with working breeds, who previously struggled to succeed in large indoor groups conducted for a long duration of time or failed to apply the lessons outdoors when faced with real-world distractions.

    All our training is conducted outdoors, in realistic environments, and broken down into manageable, bite-size steps, with plenty to practise in between. 

    With my coaching, you have a trainer in your pocket to have any questions answered, hassle-free via ongoing email support. 


    IMDT qualified trainer stamp

    By working with a professional accredited by an externally verified body like The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) you can be assured that their training is up to date, science-based training methods that are proven to be effective and that have your dog’s welfare at heart because members of such organisations are assessed and have ongoing checks.

    ADWs Emma obtained a distinction in her IMDT membership exams by demonstrating practical skill and theoretical knowledge; continued learning and development is an annual requirement to maintain this status, so Emma’s experience is ever expanded through courses and qualifications.

    Unfortunately, the dog training industry is unregulated, making it difficult to place the same level of trust in all trainers. Therefore, we would encourage you to check a trainer's accreditation with a professional organisation before working with them, as many trainers self-accredit without any external validation.


    Want to work together?

    You can check my availability and book online by selecting one of the options the orange buttons on this page take you to.

    Note: If you see the message "No appointments are available this month" on the booking page, this is because appointments are fully booked.

    The calendar runs 45 days in advance so either check back again soon or I have a waiting list so please do get in touch using the contact form outlining your availability to be added & I will message you if there are any cancellations or dates added.

  • Can I bring someone to watch?
  • Yes, spectators are more than welcome. 

    What we recommend is that you decide who will be handling your dog and stick to that person doing the training for the duration of the session to save any confusion for your dog.

    Any children under the age of 18 must be always accompanied by an adult.

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