How to stop your dog running away with things

Working with working breed dogs that have the instinct to chase and hunt I often hear owners say they have a dog with perfect recall UNTIL they have something in their mouth they shouldn't have! Sound familiar?

Solution: I approach this problem by teaching dogs what they should do when they pick things up instead by training a reliable recall with retrieves using Place Boards.


First, teach your dog a rock-solid retrieve pattern.

Then, progressively ramp up how exciting the retrieve article is.

This allows your dog to rehearse coming back when called no matter the temptation.

For example, starting with a canvas dummy and later moving to use fur, food pouches or those that mimic birds.

This training approach helps the retrieve sequence become reliable and well-practised

So, your dog feels comfortable coming back close to you with their prize.

 Training a retrieve with Place Boards

Example training kit pictured above

If you want to know more about teaching your dog to come back with retrieves using Place Boards check out the dedicated chapter in our online course.

Click the image below to find out more about enrolling on the Place Board Course.

 Training Retrieve to hand using Place Boards


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