In this course, you have the option to practice Front Crosses, Pivots or something which may be new to a few of you, a manoeuvre called a Ketshker on jump 8.
  • A pivot is when you don't need to change sides, so you stay using the same arm and rotate on the spot. 
  •  Ketshker, also called a German turn, is a word many agility people use to describe a turn where your dog goes behind you and can be useful to open a clear line to the next obstacle 
  • A ‘front cross’ is a handling skill where you get ahead of your dog and turn, plus change your driving arm so that the dog changes which side they are to you (learn more by clicking here)

To do a Ketshker:
  1. Before reaching the wing, turn to face your dog
  2. Close to the jump, with the wing behind you, you point low, to the take-off point
  3. Once your dog has landed and is circling the jump behind your back, you start moving.
  4. Your dog then returns to the same side of the jump as you.

A Ketshker being demonstrated during an agility club class by shadow the spaniel cross

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About the author: Hi 👋 I’m Emma, accredited as a professional dog trainer by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). I help owners of energetic dogs achieve the dog-owning life they envisioned by providing robust obedience & agility training for dogs across my two venues in Balsham and Barton, near Cambridge.

Disclaimer: The content of this article does not include personalised advice and is for information purposes only. If you need individual advice or other enquiries please click here to get in contact or if you're not local to Anglian Dog Works, you can find a trainer in your area by going to the IMDT website:

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