Forced Front Cross

What is a Forced Front Cross:

This handling move guides your dog around to the backside of an obstacle and gets them to 'slice' across the jump.

You do this by:

  1. Getting ahead of your dog on a course
  2. One step behind the front wing with just your arm reaching out for the dog to see at nose level
  3. Encourage them to you such as waving your hand/calling their name. 
  4. Turn to face the jump pole as the dog arrives, watching their movement.
  5. Your guiding arm stays at 45 degrees and no waving.
  6. Move your position to be by the back wing
  7. After the dog has committed to the jump, look towards where you want the dog to go next

How to train a Forced Front Cross:

Step 1:

  1. Leave your dog in a sit stay.
  2. Walk out with a reward in your right hand.
  3. You will stand behind the right wing of a jump. 
  4. Hold your right arm out
  5. Wave your hand to get your dogs attention 
  6. Call them and give them the reward. 

Step 2: 

As the dog arrives, drop the treat by the right wing and leave them there as you step towards the left wing. 

Step 3:

Same as above, but step and turn towards the pole.

Step 4: 

As above, but throw the reward towards the dogs landing point.

Continue your movement as they jump.

You can ask your trainer to place a reward if needed. 

Step 5: 

Reward from your hand, continue moving until your dog catches you. 

Step 6: Use it on a course

Emma and Thea doing a Forced Front Cross in Agility at Balsham

Example course: 

A Forced Front Cross could be used on #2. 

An example dog agility course where a forced front cross could be used

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