German Turn

What is a German turn?

A German turn is a handling option for an S-line bend over a jump where you need to change sides.

A prerequisite to trying this move is your dog must know a go-round cue.


Why use this move?

This agility move can be useful as there are no backwards steps, the handler moves the whole time and it creates a tight S shape instead of a slice like a blind would.


How to train:

  1. Half the ‘S’: using a placed reward which helps the dog focus on the jump as we move
    1. Leave a reward on the landing side e.g. behind the L wing
    2. Stand in front of the L wing.
    3. Send your dog over the pole using your left pointing across your body.
    4. Let your dog have the placed reward as you perform a blind cross.


  1. Half the ‘S’: As before, stand in front of the L wing and send your dog over the pole using your left pointing across your body… this time drop the reward over the wing to where your dog will land using your left arm when they take the pole.
  2. Full ‘S’: add in a “go round”. Trainer/partner to throw the reward to the landing zone. (You can use wings in line with left wing to block dog and help them find the pole if needs be.)
  3. Full ‘S’: handler throws reward ahead after the jump.

 A short clip of a S

Above isn't executed exactly right, but should give you an idea. 

Try it on a course:

  1. Send to tunnel entrance from the Place Board in line with exit
  2. Once committed to the tunnel, move to behind # 2’s wing closest to the tunnel, facing #4
  3. Say “Round” as you send around the right wing, facing it using the arm closest to your dog
  4. As your dog commits to taking the pole, move to the left wing, bringing your left arm across your body (You can call your dog to you if needed).
  5. Once the dog is in the air, move towards #3.
  6. As your dog lands perform a blind cross to look to the side where the dog will come after the jump

example course

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