“Go round”: Guide 3

Dog Agility at Home, “Go round” Guide 3: teaching the cue.

Requirement: your dog can follow an empty hand directing them behind a single post in the ground and turn. Find a guide to training this by searching 'Go Round' in the website search bar.

What: A ‘go round’ is where dogs go around to the back of a jump and take off the opposite side than they were previously travelling. 

In this exercise, you will say ‘round’ as the dog turns around the pole.



Pairing the action of the turn around the pole with them hearing you saying ‘round’ will teach the dog what it means by associative learning. 


How to practice dog agility at home:


Find an obstacle that you can use for the dog to circle, for example, a post in the ground, chair, or large flowerpot. 


  1. Start with the dog on your left with a pole ahead (12 o’clock) 
  2. Move your right hand to guide them around the pole
  3. Say ‘round’ as they pass the post
  4. Click or say your marker word
  5. Take a treat from your pouch and drop it by your feet (6 o'clock).
  6. Practice 5-8 x then give the dog a rest between repetitions. 


Work equally on left and right turns by practising the steps above on the opposite side, for example with the dog on your right, guiding with your left hand.


Want a challenge? 

Until now, you have said ‘round’ as your dog turns to teach them it’s meaning. Instead, say ‘round’ when the dog is in motion, running towards the obstacle, but before they reach it and turn. Now the cue is being heard before the behaviour happens in preparation for the next stage of training, testing the cue.  


Goal to achieve: Practice until your dog is reliably running around the back of the obstacle and turning around it each time you guide them with your hand paired with you saying ‘go round’ while they are in motion.  


Please share your questions and progress: 

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