Week 4 of the Agility Course

Theme: Agility club course taster.

For each Agility Club session, I put together a different course.

Below is a sequence from a past Club session that I'll be guiding you and your dogs through in our last foundation course class together as a taster of what the follow-on training would be like.

Week 4 Agility Course Sequence

 Have a look and be thinking about where you might be able to use:

And where a change of direction means you'd need to do a front cross? (last week)

Club courses are set up with numbers to indicate the order, just like in the picture.

The number will be put on the same side of the jump as your dog takes off from to show you the direction of travel.


To warm your dogs’ muscles up and learn the sequence, you will run short segments at a time.

For example, warming up on 1-2-3.

When all of the dogs have had a go at that level, we add a couple more obstacles to the following run.

Each go gives you a chance to practice the course; I will be there to offer support and guidance should you need it, as well as throw in challenges for those that want one!

We progress in this way until we’re running the full course.


In case you’d like to browse and book Agility Club dates, here’s the link….
<<<Agility Training>>>

After completing the Foundation Course, you will be included in the monthly newsletter with updates and the chance for early access to dates in the future. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the plan, club, or anything else I can help with. 

I look forward to seeing you soon.


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About the author: Hi 👋 I’m Emma, accredited as a professional dog trainer by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). I help owners of energetic dogs achieve the dog-owning life they envisioned by providing robust obedience & agility training for dogs across my two venues in Balsham and Barton, near Cambridge.

Disclaimer: The content of this article does not include personalised advice and is for information purposes only. If you need individual advice or other enquiries please click here to get in contact or if you're not local to Anglian Dog Works, you can find a trainer in your area by going to the IMDT website: https://www.imdt.uk.com/find-a-qualified-imdt-trainer