Stop pulling on lead with this game

The principle is, anything you reward will happen more often, so:

A: Don't reward unwanted behaviour e.g. continue your walk being pulled in the direction your dog wants to go

B: Do reward what we call in Dog Training a ‘Mutually exclusive behaviour’ e.g. build value for staying by your side and practice loose lead walking consistently

"10 Pecks"

Here’s a quick game you can play outside your house before you head anywhere this week.

Grab one handful of your dogs’ meal allowance.
When it’s all been used up end the session.
Each day 50g of my spaniel Thea’s 300g daily allowance is allocated to training. She’s fed Bella & Duke a quality raw food. I didn’t want to downgrade, so choose rewards with premium ingredients, for example, our pure meat pate.

  1. Start with no movement. With your dog by your side, say “good” and reward x 5 so they learn that this is the position that pays out.
  2. Take one step, say “good” and reward.
  3. Take two steps, say “good” and reward.
  4. Continue to 10 steps.

If your dog pulls, go back to step 1 and try again!
Throughout the week, continue adding steps but randomise how many you take before a reward e.g. 10 then 15 then 3.
Ultimately the walk becomes the reward


Emma and Thea out horse riding

Value for staying by your side can be built on and off lead (or even when riding!)

I hope that helps!


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