My top two tips for grooming a bramble womble

For the fellow long-haired dog owners

Firstly, what is a bramble womble?!

👇This repeat offender is what we at Anglian Dog Works affectionately call a bramble womble. AKA a dog with an affinity for ‘wombling’ undergrowth!

ADW's dog

Here in the UK it is shooting season meaning there will be lots more game birds around. So while we’re past the summer stickies, this time of year whether you are working a gundog or are just enjoying walks in the countryside, the brambles are extra tempting.
So here are my top tips:
First, a de-tangler spray before will reduce the amount of bits that ‘stick’.
And/or after helps tease and burrs out
I use ‘Canter Mane & Tail’
Next, using a licky-mat helps keep her calm and still
My girl is fed raw so I smoosh that in (I feed Bella & Duke)

Alternatively, if I am away from home I soak biscuits to make a mash or use a soft tasty food like Paté.
I hope that helps!


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