Do you have a Velcro dog?

You ask for a sit-stay
but as soon as you move your dog gets up?
There are a couple of things that could be happening…
 and here are the fixes!

  1. The dog has learnt that all the good stuff happens near you, so follow you to stay within the drop zone! FIX: Counter this by teaching that a training platform like a Place Board is a hotspot for rewards and building value being seated on the target.
  2. We aim to teach that when you say“OK” that’s a cue for your dog that ‘the behaviour is finished’ and that they can get out of a sit and off their board to get a reward but what can sometimes happen is as soon as we move, dog’s take that as a cue to get up and follow instead. FIX: Proof against movement by making small, progressive movements and rewarding If your dog stays in a sit
You can find more details
Fix 1 on page 8-9
Fix 2 on page 27
In the Place Board Training eBook
Both available for FREE in our eBook trial

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