What are doing for your pet’s teeth?

A lot of people check in with their own health in January and it's good to be thinking about your dog's health for 2023 too! 📝
We want you to start the new year off right with your dogs too! 🐾🥳

I will be sharing some top to toe checks with you

And what better place to start than the mouth?

Do your dog’s gums bleed when you play tug? Breath smell?  

It's estimated that almost 90% of dogs will have developed gum disease by 2 years of age1 

Causing red gums, bleeding, and bad breath…

But also playing an important role in your dog’s health, well-being and even behaviour.

Dental disease has even been linked to dogs’ heart, kidney, and liver disease.

An Australian study found that 90% of dental build-ups can be removed within 3 days by just chewing!2
However, before you run out to go buy chews, realize they are DEFINITELY not all made equal…

We only stock what we give our own dogs after careful consideration and have seen the first-hand benefits of such as being durable as well as tasty so offer a long-lasting low-fat, protein and calcium-rich chew to satisfy instincts, maintain strong teeth and gums and help eliminate tartar and bad breath.

Check them out here: https://angliandogworks.com/products/yak-chews



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  2. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26814157/

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About the author: Hi 👋 I’m Emma, accredited as a professional dog trainer by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). I help owners of energetic dogs achieve the dog-owning life they envisioned by providing robust obedience & agility training for dogs across my two venues in Balsham and Barton, near Cambridge.

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