Dog friendly safe candle-burning practices

6 rules to remember

One: Never leave a candle unattended.

TwoKeep an open flame out of reach, away from drafts, flammable materials, and waggy tails to avoid the possibility of a fire hazard.

ThreeIf you’re looking for a fragrant solution that doesn’t pose a fire hazard, you can choose one of our soy paw print wax melts and an electric wax heater.

FourCheck the dog is not averse to the scent by taking off the lid and offering it to them to sniff and carefully observe.

Five: Please remember dogs’ sense of smell is 40x stronger than humans; light in a well-ventilated room and ensure pets can walk away from the scent into another room.

SixNo pets should ingest wax or oils, nor should they touch oils as this can cause harm. If you notice any changes in your pet, consult a vet immediately and take advice.