🎧Place Board Podcast

From getting started, to new ways to train using a platform

If you want to get started with Place Board training,
Or, are interested in getting some new ideas...


Have a listen to a conversation I had with Ellen from The Urban Herder
(a Collie & Herding Breed Specialist)
Packed with useful tips and inspiration about Place Board uses!

Topics include:

Foundation behaviours
✋️ Sit stay
💨 Recall
🥎 Retrieves/fetch

How to introduce a Place Board using our signature T.A.R.G.E.T method (Found at 15m20)

🌳 Proofing in different environments
🐶 Proofing around different distractions

Plus lots of training applications, such as...
😁 Greetings visitors calmly
🐑 Herding flatwork
🛑 Emergency stop
🪶 Gundog work
🐾 Platforms in Agility


Click the picture below to be taken to the podcast

Urban Herder Place Board Podcast

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