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  • 100% Whole Dried Fish 

    Suitable for puppies over 14 weeks old


    Room for improvement in your recall?

    Do you have a dog with a pretty reliable recall, that will come back when they’re called 90% of the time until they’re doing something ‘important’ and their hearing becomes selective! Often the distraction involves the dog’s nose or stomach, having found something interesting to sniff or eat?


    Jackpot the behaviours you want more of

    You can counteract your recall falling on deaf ears by having something equally valuable as whatever the environment has to offer with you in your treat pouch on walks to teach dogs that all good things come from us and it’s worth coming back 100% of the time.


    Appeal to your dogs’ natural instincts

    If your dog is anything like mine, I am not sure that some food rewards even touch the sides on their way down sometimes! This is not ideal when I am trying to make a positive impression in training! These small fish are my current favourite because at around 8cm long I can use a whole fish as a jackpot and they take a bit of crunching to last more than a moment!

    There are lots of different ways to deliver food rewards that appeal to the dogs’ natural instincts: As a spaniel, my own dog was bred to use her nose, so the fishy smell is appealing. The small fish easily break into pieces so I mix it up and sometimes rather than giving her a whole fish I sprinkle bits onto the floor for her to sniff out and snuffle up which for her, adds to the reinforcement, but if your dog likes to chase, throwing the fish out for your dog to track could also add to their enjoyment.


    Tasty AND healthy training reward:

    ✔️ Natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids and lean protein

    ✔️ Great for fussy eaters

    ✔️ Gentle on the stomach

    ✔️ Free from additives and preservatives


    100g Boxes

    This quantity lasts me a couple of weeks, and when I run out, I switch it up for something new such as pate so the jackpot I reward my dog with is always exciting and novel. Imagine those elastic recalls with a dog bounding back to find out what today’s surprise will be!


    Want to give them a go?

    Get a sample bag with 10 fish in; they are a natural product so vary in weight, the approximate weight of a bag is 20g. 


    Feeding advice

    Please ensure a bowl of freshwater is always available.



    100% Natural small fish


    Analytical Constituents:

    Protein: 44 %, Fat: 26.7 %, Omega-3 fatty acids 5.6 %, Moisture 8.1 %, Ash 7.2 %

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    Richard Cantle
    Sprats - review.

    Ordered a few times now. Found them great as high value rewards in training. Thanks Emma and Matt.