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  • Are you looking for the perfect gift for a dog lover? How about a voucher to redeem on dog training courses and workshops or spend in our shop

    For a gift card to be spent in the shop, click the orange 'add to cart' button

    You will receive an email containing a unique gift card code that the recipient can use at checkout to redeem it's value when the order is fulfilled.


     To redeem on dog training, use the option below.

    You will be given a randomly generated code, shown on the webpage and emailed to you to redeem immediately or at a later date.


    If you have any questions about which training services or products are redeemable, what options would be suitable for your dog or would like the gift card to have a different amount from the option provided please get in touch.
  • Where is training located?
  • We have two venues, Balsham & Barton, Cambridge. The full address and directions to the training field are sent out with booking confirmation emails.



    Training is held in the countryside, ten miles from Cambridge and easily accessible from the A11.

    Our outdoor training centre benefits from over an acre of private grassland.



    Photo: At the top of Anglian Dog Works Training Ground for Dog training near Cambridge



    Photo: Bottom training field at Anglian Dog Works Training Ground for Dog training near Cambridge
    A PICTURE OF THE BOTTOM TRAINING FIELD: This rural and safe location is semi-enclosed, but neither area is completely secure.
    NEW More details soon.
    Fully enclosed; Partnering with Positive Paws 
  • Do we train in all weather?
  • Yes, we do train in all weather.
    In the event that the Met Office releases a weather warning, it will be reviewed if conditions are safe enough to train in.

    In warmer weather, PetPlans guidance will be referred to in reviewing if conditions are safe enough to train in with precautions. Click here to read Anglian Dog Works advice for keeping cool in class. 

    If conditions are deemed unsafe by your trainer we may hold a remote session using Zoom instead of an in-person meeting. 
  • Re-fur a friend
  • Recommend Anglian Dog Works to a friend and when they get in touch ask them to mention you and you will both receive £5 off training or in the shop
    Lend a Paw and get a treat! 
  • Can I bring someone to watch?
  • Yes, spectators are more than welcome. 

    What we recommend is that you decide who will be handling your dog and stick to that person doing the training for the duration of the session to save any confusion for your dog.

    Any children under the age of 18 must be always accompanied by an adult.

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