Keep Cool Kong

With the heatwave in full swing, I thought it timely to share one of the hacks for quickly making a frozen Kong.

You will need:

  • A Kong
  • A Mug
  • Biscuits

I use 80:20 Grain Free Fish Biscuits because they are a healthy,  high-quality kibble and because it’s made from tempting smelling salmon, haddock, trout & herring I have found to be appealing for most dogs that I have worked with.


  1. Stand the Kong narrow end down in a mug
  2. Fill the Kong with dry biscuits
  3. Use a tap to gently fill the mug with water via the Kong opening or down the sides
  4. Leave 10 mins or more so that the biscuits soak up the water and become soggy, forming a ‘mash’
  5. Remove from the mug filled with water
  6. Put the Kong and its contents into the freezer
  7. Feed on a hot day for a cooling snack!


We would love to hear how your dogs are keeping cool. Comment with your  own top tips.

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spaniel on cool mat