Bee-friendly Business

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Good for you:

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Great for pollinators:

We will plant 1m2 of a specialised flower seed mix on your behalf!

Anglian Dog Works Pollinator Earth Day Campaigns

20th Sep 2020: photo of the same specialised flower seed mix ADW’s Emma planted in a biodiversity project at the University of Cambridge.


Bee-friendly Business is a campaign run by Anglian Dog Works to make the local area more pollinator-friendly and to protect bee populations by providing more flowers for foraging and more habitat for nest sites that you can ALL GET INVOLVED IN.

Earth Day’s theme this year (22nd April) is “Invest in Our Planet” with a focus on businesses taking action; from the 21st to the 24th, do business* with us and we will plant 1m2 of a specialised flower seed mix on your behalf!


How it works: 

* orders, bookings, testimonials, reviews all = positive impact on your behalf

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Note: Coupon code, EARTHDAY, expires at midnight 24th April 2023. 

Why Bee-Friendly?

Anglian Dog Works felt our Bee-Friendly Business was the right campaign to launch because the UK bee population is dropping and researchers have attributed that decline largely to the loss of flowers and nests, habitat changes, agricultural chemicals, disease and possibly climate change, making it ever more important to protect wild bees.

The seed we’ve chosen was developed locally with Cambridge University to boost the UK bee population by offering bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects a steady supply of nectar and pollen, from the first bloom of the yellow fields of oilseed rape, when food is abundant in East Anglia, to the first autumn frost, when typically there is not enough nectar to go around. It contains a selection of colourful annual and perennial flower varieties such as snapdragon, borage and dahlia, specifically to appeal to bees’ vision. 



We couldn't do it without you.

The total impact (m2) will be announced via email and social channels along with pictures of the project’s progress. If you can, we would love it if you could follow and support our Instagram and Facebook pages to stay updated and in the know.