Equipment recommendations

Equipment recommendations

Some equipment recommendations: "Accessories we dig"

General Training Equipment

Treats Pouch

It's great to have a treats pouch large enough to put your hand in to enable a succession of rewards to be given during training without fumbling to gain access! What I like about this one are the extra pockets, great to keep poo bags and a stash of extra high value rewards.

Rapid Rewards Deluxe Dog Training Bag by Doggone Good
Rapid Rewards Deluxe Dog Training Bag by Doggone Good


Training Treats (Available in our shop!)

JR Pet Products Pate sausages are tempting to all the dogs I've worked with, and I like that they can be easily cut into pea sized pieces and the light colour contrasts well when treat placement is onto grass. 

JR Pet Products Pate


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Training Kibble (Available in our shop!)


This is what I keep in my training pouch, it's a high quality kibble which I have found to be tempting for most dogs that I have worked with.

TIP: A useful website to compare food options is: "all about dog food"

An image of the 80:20 biscuits


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Recall Whistle
I use an Acme whistle when training my own dog because it has a loud far reaching sound. In recall training we teach that a pip-pip-pip sound on the whistle means return to you. You buy a standard frequency from Acme, meaning if you loose your whistle or want to have a second spare you can get exactly the same sound that you have been teaching your dog with. 

Acme recall whistle

Biothane long line
I like that these leads are made from a waterproof material that wipes clean after use, are manageable length and do not have a handle or any metal attachments where the handler holds which can cause injury.

Biothane long line
Dog & Field 10m Biothane Lead


Practicing Agility at Home 

You do not need to buy equipment to practice at home (check out our "How to practice dog agility at home" blog series by Clicking Here) but if you decide you would like to, here are some options to consider:


Anglian Dog Work's Thea using a 600mm tunnel

Thea, 2021.

In agility the standard tunnel has a 600mm diameter. 
The length depends on whether you want to curve it: 5-6m is ideal for a bend, but you can get a curve in a 4m using multiple sandbags; typically a shorter 3-4m is found straight elsewhere on a course. It is important that a tunnel is secure so it doesn't move when the dogs run through it which may frighten or injure them. Sandbags are ideal for this purpose. The setup pictured was purchased from SGN Agility Products.

 Image of Anglian Dog Works Thea using Jesse Jump set

Thea, 2016. 

When I first started practicing Agility at home with my own dog, I found a 3 x stick in the ground jump set was very versatile; the basic equipment allowed me to train short jump sequences as well as be spaced 60cm as weave poles (in accordance with Kennel Club rules). The setup pictured was purchased from Jesse Jump.


Agility Toys

Sheepskin tug toys

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Fluffy tuggers similar to the one pictured below appeal to most dog's I have worked with and are great for building drive for recall and retrieves.

Photo: A sheepskin tugger from Tug-e-nuff



Toys for foodie dogs 

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Toys are useful because they allow us to reward a dog when they are at a distance from us. Using a pouch like the clam pictured below is a good alternative for dogs which usually don't show much interested in playing with toys. 


Photo: a 'clam' from tug-e-nuff

Enrichment Toys

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It's useful to have a toy that you can stuff with food that provides mental stimulation and keeps them entertained

Dog training equipment: Enrichment Toy



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